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fabbster 3d drucker
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  • 05/08/13 - 3D Druck so einfach wie noch nie: Wir lassen Sie ran! more ]
  • 04/02/13 - fabbster auf der Erfurter Premiere FabCon 3.D dabei more ]

Welcome to the homebase of fabbster

The fabbster is an innovative and compact 3D printer for home use, made ​​in Germany.
fabbster prints three-dimensional objects out ​​of various plastics. The award-winning
construction method and the new material system, which allows you to print
with different colors
, have already set standards.
Yes, you did read that right: you can now print 3D at home. Your own colored
threedimensional objects such as toys, jewelry, model parts, individual cell phone covers,
architectural models, that replacement hook for your shower curtain,
which you could not buy as an individual piece and much, much more.

All you need to run the fabbster is a standard personal home computer.